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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Surprise!  Happy Birthday Rob!

Okay so, the cake is not really yours, but it does have a "R" on it, so it can be yours today!
I did make it for real though. I am serious!

What do you get someone who is a Super Star?

A teddy bear to go along with that bear skin rug of yours?

Cupcakes? I hear you like cupcakes!

I know! Stoli!

I would offer you my home for a day of R&R. No one would know you were hear and you could totally hang out. Play my daughter's guitar and play my son's PS3.  My husband would share the couch and make you a ham and cheese sandwich and wash it down with a nice cold rolling rock beer. Sorry we are out of hot pockets and coke. And I would make sure that you are comfy. Brush your hair and light the cig for you. Oh wait, no smoking in the house.
Or I could show you how to make a cake--maybe even in the shape of a sparkling peen. I have sprinkles, cake glitter and shimmer dust. Whatever you want! It's your day! We'll turn off the phone and avoid K-Stew, your agent and manager. No Calls!  Except for the immediate Twi-bloggers, we'll have to take their calls of birthday wishes.
So, have some cake, some Stoli-vodka and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a WILD NIGHT!

Always your fan!


PS Giving a shout out to my oldest son, Happy Birthday Loren! on Saturday