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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Outfield

The Outfield with Rottymama!

So I'm in the outfield with my shades on smacking my glove with my hand, chewing my bubble gum waiting for the ball to come my direction. Oh, I think she whacked it my direction...

Well, I first chatted Lisa via Twitarded blog, back in 1717. Haha, I kid! But that is where we conversed. And then posting comments over at her other sista's blog, Mrs. P at Twibite and here.  I almost felt like I was following her around the blogosphere. Or was it the other way around...

Someone said the her favorite ball club is the St. Louis Cardinals? Well it just so happens that my oldest son lives in St. Louis(trying to plan a trip there soon) and my daughter attends North Idaho College and look:

Oh my gawd!

Have I purchased several cars from her and not even known it?

We don't need to name the brand *cough, Toyota, cough*

I don't make my way though this part of town but the signs were starting to tell me something. Something Lisa would call Twi-observations. (cue the music--dun, dun, dunnnnnn.)

YES! We have one in Coeur d'Alene Idaho! Woot!

This one was just too fricken cute. It goes out to the "soul" sista's! Can you guess who?
When I was turning around
 from 15th St to go over to 17th St,
 the house I turned in front of, the number was,

I know from Lisa falling for
Fifty Shades of Grey! I bought the book!

She would probably want to roll(s) in the hay

What can I say, it is hay time!

With beanie Rob
Ooo-la-la Lisa! ^-^

Or some Jackson

Jackson Guitars, hmm...
I was picking up some dinner when I noticed this on the car in front of me

Double bonus, beanie Jackson!

I think he's calling you.

Maybe when you get done we can reminisce about our pilgrimage to FORKS 2010.
Awe, how sweet!

FORKS 2011!!!

This way!

What's that you say, you are not going to the 
in 2011? Say it ain't so!  Noooo! I know that you are making your way from the mid-west(100 MONKEYS) to the east coast (WFE) to the west coast(SD COMIC CON). LIVIN' THE DREAM! GOOD FOR YOU! You will be surely missed. *sniffle*

We'll I guess we will just have to have a piece of cake and sing Happy Birthday instead.

Yes, I really made this cake!
Darn Good Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream
Maybe one day you can make it to my neck of the woods of N Idaho!
Rathdrum Mnt.
 I see this when I look out my kitchen window.
My house is way to the right.
I just wanted to give you a better look. 

Lisa, I am so glad to have met you and that we are bloggy friends! Until we meet again!

I would think that this is a VERY GOOD BIRTHDAY TWI-OBSERVATION!!!


Yes we do!

Extra Innings w/Grand Slam http://www.tonguetwied.blogspot.com/

Derelicts Underneath the Bleachers http://www.twitarded.blogspot.com/


  1. This is wicked awesome! Great job
    Happy birthday Lisa

  2. Awesome post! Looks like you and Lisa were definitely destined to be friends with all of the signs around town. :)

    I was thinking about putting beanie Jackson in my post but wasn't sure if Lisa was a fan. I'm guessing she is but who knows... he does have some fantastic hair!

  3. TwiObservations inspired by Lisa--HOW AWESOME!

    MamaCougar and Lisa like need to stand under that sign together and take a pic!! That's hysterical!

    Thank you for giving such a lovely post but no fair to tempt us with cake we can't have! LOL

  4. I miss Lisa's TwiObservations!!! You did darn good job RM!!!! Loved the post! 17th and Mary - that's awesome!!! :)

  5. Thanks Ladies! and thanks for the follow.
    It's like blue cars, once you see one, you see them all the time! LOL!

    @James, I think I know where there's a James sign. LOL

    @TT, just so long they don't ask me to commit a crime & "borrow" the sign.

  6. I LOVE this post!! It is absolutely perfect. It is Lisa to a tee. Amazing. I love all your Twi-observations plus the Soul Sista link. Very cool!!

  7. I didn't know you had a blog RottyMama! I'm glad that Lisa helped out and now I know! Great post xx

  8. Gah!!! How freaking awesome is this post?! I cannot believe you found all of those pictures/signs and tied them all together into a gift for me. I love it.

    Too funny about your son living in St. Louis and your daughter's college mascot being a cardinal.

    The Twi-observations are perfect. I didn't realize how much I missed them until you did this and qued the music :)

    Mary has got to get over here and see the 17th St/Mary Ln signs. Epic.

    Then you decorated it all with my favorite boys...wearing beanies...and some cake.

    Thank you so much for this thoughtful post and for the birthday wishes. I am so glad I got to meet you in Forks and wish like hell I was going again this year.



  9. Great post and Twi-observations. Iso need to go to your house to eat that cake nom nom nom I'm sure Lisa would be willing to share... or maybe I can distract her with beanie Rob and beanie Jackson :)

    w/v: tears- Lisa had tears reading through all her birthday posts :)

  10. Ok....how fucking creative/adorable/thoughtful is this post?!?!

    SO CUTE. And hey....I'm down with anything that says "Mount Mary", ya know?!?

    Thanks so much for honoring Lisa this way.



  11. Owwww!
    This post is so cute!

  12. wow, i really love this post.

    and that cake you made is beautiful!

    what's a girl gotta do to live on Twilight Ct.? huh?


  13. I'm sure there are twi-things in everyones area. Probably more than you know. LOL

    I'll have to think of how I can make a cake & get it to FORKS, but I don't believe it would make it. Might have to hit up Outfitters Bakery.