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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I want to say that I don't own any of the follow pictures or Robert Pattinson name. This is strictly a fan blogger site.

The purpose of this blog is to release "fan feelings" towards the famous Robert Pattinson. So be it that I could be this guy’s mom. So glad that I am not. But if I was, I would be so proud as I am sure his parents and family are. I am proud of all 3 of my children. My oldest son is 25,(whose birthday is the 15th of May—two days before Rob—but my son is still older) my next son is 22, and my last but not least daughter is 17—ha-ha, yes “17”. So like I said I'm old enough to be his mom.So what is all the hub-bub about this guy? Yes, last year I didn’t even know about him except for his role is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I thought he was cute in that too. He’s also had some other minor movie/TV parts. Since he’s from London, England you can be a BIG actor over there but in the America, they say, “Rob who”?

I never read, and still haven’t read the Harry Potter books or saw the movies at the theater. My daughter read the books and saw the movies. MY DAUGHTER! I wasn't even into The Twilight Saga books when they came out, my daughter was and I even bought the books for her! I did not jump on the "Twilight band wagon" until this past April. My daughter asked if I wanted to watch the movie (that I bought) and then, if I wanted, read all 4 of the books. Can you say, "hook, line and sinker?" Cause that is what happened once I saw the Twilight DVD and then read all of the books within a two week period. I needed to find out more, everything and anything about this Robert Pattinson. What was it about him that made every teenage girl and woman go gaga?

First, I know it was the character he played, Edward Cullen. Second, once they got over that, then it was Robert Pattinson, Rob Pattinson, RPattz, Robward, and the list goes on. So, this brings me to my Robsession. I stumbled about a blog site called Twitarded. Two 30-something chicks that just blew my mind and opened all the possibilities of Rob and Twilight in general—and I don’t even use or take drugs! LMAO! I didn’t want to hijack their blog all the time, and then I remembered that I started a blog back in 2006 when I was into my cake decorating. Oh yea, that. Sorry step-child, {{kicks to the curb}}.
So, I put up a couple of newer blogs and tried to change the name, well I did that but couldn’t change web site address. So that what brings me to this blog? I wanted it to have a different name but have the same feeling of Rob.

So, I waited, I read and listened to the interviews and blogs. Then it hit me. Rob said that Van Morrison was one of his favorite singers. I like Brown Eyed Girl (heard it sung live once at a xmas party and loved it ever since), Wild Nights and Moon Dance, to name a few. Today I was eating lunch in my car and stumble onto the oldies channel. (I channel surf the radio as much as I do the TV.) I stopped and there it was playing, Moon Dance by Van Morrison. There was my find! And tah-dah!
So be easy on me, I might get addicted to this like you-know-who. Who am I kidding? I am already there. Thanks for looking!

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