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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Still under construction, coming soon!

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  1. @rottymomma - I knew that you and I had a lot in common, I just didn't know how much!!

    -I have been around the construction business for 29 years of married life (my husband is a union carpenter).

    -My mom was a cake decorater for years (I helped deliver many a wedding cake) before she hung up her mixer.

    -I was late to Twilight, too. I saw the movie in the theater on a whim and liked it but left the theater with my sanity in tact. Then a friend/co-worker begged me to read the books. After I read the first one, I borrowed my 12-year-old niece's Twilight DVD; fell in love with Muse's song Supermassive Black Hole; bought the soundtrack; got hooked on Rob's soulful voice; rewatched the DVD; and then lost my freaking mind!

    -As my Robsession started to find a life, I stumbled onto Twitarded and lost mine. I am now an internet junkie looking for her next Rob fix.

    -I started a blog and spend countless hours talking about a boy who is young enough to be my son, too (my daughter will be 24 in two weeks, and my son is 21).

    -And last but certainly not least, I am a HUGE Van Morrison fan!! The very first ringtone I ever loaded on my cell phone was "Brown Eyed Girl." I was just out with friends last night for a pre-Thanksgiving cocktail (oh who am I kidding, it was a Bud Light) and played it on the bar's jukebox. So I love your blog title and totally get the connection!

    I am glad you invited me to check out your reVAMPed blog and proud to be your first Follower. Welcome to the Robsanity!


    P.S.: Love your banner picture and was tickled to see you grabbed the Remember Me counter widget I created :) If you do get in touch with Dana at Lily Bean Designs, you will love her. I see that Mama Cougar over at The Cougar's Den is working with her, too. Happy Turkey Day!