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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Me be back for the moment

Okay, so I haven’t posted for a while—a couple/few of months. There is a lot out there to keep up with! I have been lurking at everyone else’s blogs and tweets. I did manage to post a few comments here and there. Real Life kicks your butt sometimes and the blog has to take the back seat. So sue me! No, don’t, all you’ll get outta me is dust bunnies!

So, I did see Rob’s latest movie, Remember Me. I liked it, but like many people, I was surprised by the ending. No part 2, that’s for sure! (see Mrs.P in pic!)

Then, New Moon came out on DVD. Yes, me and my Twilight-pusher daughter went at midnight to Borders and picked up “our” copy. (I will obtain my own copy soon to go along with my own copy of Twilight!) She took the purr-tee necklace that came with it. She said we’d share but I still haven’t worn it yet! BRAT!

Rob, I see, has been busy working on next movie, Bel-Ami. I don’t know when it is suppose to be out, I'm gonna guess 2011.

Look matching shoes. I bet he told her to wear her Chucks.

Then we have K-Stew trekking over to Hungary for her 20th birthday to get her some Rob wishes. Lucky girl! I have said once that I don’t give a Crapsten, but I think I am being swayed by Lisa @ 17Forever. She keeps putting up these fabulous posts and pictures of them! D A M I T! LOL

Now the latest word as of this date, is that some of the cast from “the saga” are making their way back to the “Couve” to do some re-shoots! I wish I had my passport so I could hang out at the airport and then hang out in the area and take random pictures--not stalking. 
The next big revel is that Oprah is going to have Taylor, Kristen AND Rob on her show! Finally! Geez! Hmm, I don’t recall them being on there. Could be mistaken? Anyone know? The air date is May 13th which also happens to be Rob’s 24th birthday. Wonder if she’s gonna get him a cake like they did when they filmed New Moon? Realizing that all this is taped, I wonder exactly what date this will be “taped”? The 13th is a Thursday, so it wouldn’t be “live” per say like her Friday show. I will be DVR’ing that for sure!

Then the long awaited June 30th for Eclipse is the next major shin-dig. Waiting for fandango to send me a email alert so I can get tickets.

I went this passed weekend to Everett and Seattle (VitaminR country—I should have let her know, we could have stopped by and chatted—DANG!) I am a member of a cake club and this year it was being held in Everett. This is my 3rd cake show that I have attended now. All have been fun. Next year it is on the East Side-Spokane. Seattle had Pike’s Market, the Space Needle, EMP museum and the smell of the ocean. Ah, I miss that! Went with a friend and had a great time. She is a cake decorator too and hasn’t been to Seattle since she was a kid.

I also had a few stow-aways go with me. Avi Mrs. P from Twi-bite, Paper Edward, New Moon Edward, New Moon Bella, and New Moon/shirtless Jacob. I think Mrs. P heard me say cake show and she thought she might see a cake in the shape of a sparkling peen. (No, Mrs. P, we will have to make one of those ourselves. It is a nice cake show, not a naughty one. He he.)

They snuck into my backpack and were trying to re-create the tent scene from Eclipse

and Mrs. P was going to be a new born in Seattle. They managed to get a couple of pictures of their shenanigans. When I discovered them, I shoved them back into my suitcase for the rest of the trip.

I did get to see cardboard New Moon Edward--Jacob is leaning in too and Twilight Edward. $33.00 for them-wow! I also picked up copies of the scripts too--Twilight one has copies of the cast's signatures, NM doesn't--boo!  Score for me! There is a store that sells all that stuff, goldenagecollectables.com --they are in the underground of Pike's Market--cool store.

I will be attempting to make my way back there soon and just might let them sit in the front seat this time! I am hoping to go prior to the end of September/beginning of October, which is the Forks trip with the gang from Twitarded. If not, I might just have to wait for...FOOOOORRRRKKKSSS!!!!!

I hope I am good with the universe for a while. If you can’t wait for me, check out my friends to the right: people I stalk, I mean follow. You can get your fix a lot quicker! Thanks for looking! Have a great weekend!


  1. OOOH! Look at me at the space needle! Awesome, looks like you had a wonderful time! DOn't let Lisa sway you with her crafty videos...

  2. Don't listen to Mrs. P, RM!!! LOL! Great post. Nice to get caught up on what you've been doing. I know how RL gets in the way and blogging has to be pushed to the back burner. But we're glad you still find time to lurk.