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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did it for Love

One of the gifts I received from my family was a gift card to Borders. I held on to this for 3 weeks. Pretty good considering if I have any kind of money in my pocket, it usually is burning a hole in it. I contemplated on what to purchase with it, like a little kid that was given a dollar from their grandparents. Uhmm…candy—nooo, another Sookie Stackhouse book #4, 5, 6, 7, the audio book CD's of the Twilight Saga, a music CD? Grrr!, the choices! Hey and don't forget to wait for a coupon, you'll get more for your money that way! I am a coupon whore. Who's got'em?, give'em to me!!, wait I've gotta coupon for that!

I decided on the Twilight audio CD. I had heard from Lisa-17forever that she listens to them on her way to work. My commute is only 15 minutes but I could listen to them anyhow. Hey!, wait!, when I go to my daughters away basketball games or visit my #2 son, which is usually a 1 to 2 hours drive…that would work! YAY ME!

I listened to them last Saturday on a away trip; up and back 4 hours! I got thru 4 CD's. I am soo glad I did this! I can only listen to my usual music CD's so much. I am jack-up on this like a kid whose drank a 2-liter of Mountain Dew! So when I get home I tell Mr. RM what I did. "Good" is all he says—good!? I will make you a believer! I want to continue listening but it's late. So the next morning, I put them in the lap top. I can multi-task while I listen. Dishes get cleaned, tore down the xmas tree that has been sitting there, clean up around the casa. Mr. RM is snoozing while all this is happening and then wakes up and says, "Who are you talking too?" "What?-It's the CD's," I say. "Oh," he says, "okay". I continue about my business and pause the CD because I had to go downstairs, can't hear it down there. Mr. RM says, "Is it over, is that it? " his voice was like a little kid asking if that was all the ice cream there was. "Uh-no, I have to do something so I paused it". He was listening to the CD!
Let the brain washing begin! Be it that he's missed the first four, he was listening to this one. LOL! I tell him that the CD's are on the table if he was to catch up. He's already seen the DVD with me so he knows a bit about the story.

Last night there was crap on TV and I thought that would be a good time to finish my" listening pleasure" and we, Mr. RM and myself, finished the last 5--CD # 7 to 11. 5+ hours! All with my honey, Mr. RM! I dozed off at James/ballet studio part as it was starting to get past my bed time. Mr. RM, every so often would comment saying that wasn't in the movie. Of course it wasn't honey cause this the book! Men! LOL. My daughter comes home from practice and curiously asks what we are doing. I said sshh we are listening to Twilight CD. She laughs and says DAD too? I said yes and the dogs. She laughs again. I tell her that I am in the middle of my brain washing! Ok mom!, she says and quickly leaves.

I have to give credit to Mr. RM. He stayed on the couch and listened to the rest of the CD's with me. Asked some questions and made some comments, chuckled at Charlie when he kept calling Edward Edwin and ask about Laurent being at the Cullen's house. I had to give back story details so he could understand. Ahh, the first part of the Twi-trans-mind-melt is complete! Muhahahaha!
I explained to him and the dogs, now mom has to get the New Moon one so we can hear about the wolves. The dogs gave me the two-paws up! Now we have to save out bones and get that coupon!

Actually, Mr. RM is the best honey for putting up with my Twilight-gaga-self. This will hopefully give him insight as to why I like the story. Being that someone talking the story gave it a different spin.
We've been together for 30 years so that's gotta count for something. Most of all, I think he did it for love. Sound familiar?

Thanks for looking!

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